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The power of experience

When I was much younger than now my mum used to say that when I’ll be her age we’ll talk. This was a kind of a way of putting a lid on a conversation when it got uncomfortable the way I’ll probably do it when my kids start talking (too) much… I used to respond asking mum to write down what she knows and what she has learned from her experienced to the date so that I can read it and become up to speed with the topic even ahead of the time I’ll have as many years of experience on the topic of the conversation we were debating… Never got that from my mum however let’s agree the request was a bit cheeky in the first place :-)

Now that I’m a grown up man I learned to appreciate the value of experience. Sure, you can write down all your experiences in a form of one thick book or try to substitute that with a plethora of tweets, pass it on to your kids and let them learn… but the won’t learn it all from the text no matter the form or format of the delivery. There are some things that I only now understand the way my mum had back then only because I only now have been dealing with this or the other for the same amount of time. Our experiences are different as nothing happens in life exactly the same way to any two different people. Still I feel like more mature simply because I’ve done now what’s she had done then.

Now interestingly I start to feel the way that my mum must have felt. You cannot really judge or even understand others unless you did sort of the same thing. One example is relationships, here between best friends. Three of us, back then the best mates. we all have become mature enough at relatively young age and started relationships that have lasted a decade before we’ve turned 30 each. Although ways of us became very different, we’ve started living in different countries, got completely different jobs, we still find the common ground, topics to discuss based on our experience with relationships with women. This intrinsic bond between us represents “the power of experience” that puts people on the same wavelength, a feeling only people with similar experiences can appreciate.

The problem of course is that these days it sometimes seems like everyone is an “expert” after having just 6 months of experience in anything. If you’re “lucky” you might even come come across people who will try to teach you how to be mature parent, even though they might have zilch kids themselves. Don’t blame others because this situation is something that was expected. As we have more people doing exactly what I as a kid did (asking my mum to write a book) and are actually writing books on absolutely everything, there are more people who read them and genuinely feel like being experts even though they had no own experience of what they read about. Therefore check the record and then check again, organise your friends around the common experience, not merely the common interest and foremost walk the walk, don’t just talk the talk.

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