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Scalability of life

If you want to live life three times the size you need to switch the engine… Ergh, brain engine that is. And this is going to look weird.
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If you look at many people there are two types: the ones who achieve relatively mediocre productivity and the super-productive types. The first type get most of their “duties” and some of their dreams completed. Most of the time however they run “lives of others” building some stuff for other people and fruitlessly trying to achieve something “of their own”. The second type relentlessly execute ideas of their own world beyond the capacity available for ordinary people.

The most productive ones live “multiple lives”: living in multiple cities, having multiple homes, partners, etc. Frequently running multiple businesses and wearing multiple hats at the same time. The difference between the first and the second type of person obviously bears some “qualitative” implications, however sheer ability of managing the lot lies in one’s ability to scale their efforts and responsibilities.

Obviously nothing comes free or even cheap so there’s a price to pay for being multiple, being productive. Multiple lines of focus twist your brain, quick streams of work make you jump into assumptions. Not all of your assumptions will be correct, no doubt about that and yes, sometimes the fails are going to look spectacular… Overall however there’s nothing to fear. No reason to fear being productive and cramp more in.

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