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Team collaboration

Today I’ve came up with not so much innovative idea how a software team should have been ran. Firstly, you need fixed set of meetings, let’s say three. Two out of them are absolutely compulsory, the team get to choose the dates and time. Nothing to report or son’s birthday is no excuse. Third meeting is somewhat optional. It’s when the team get to speak about side issues and get to do some planning. The openness of the agenda is very important as many might want to drag focus on unplanned, previously unpredicted issues which might take priority over mid-term planning. The third weekly meeting is addressing needs of software leadership, if management is not too big of a word. The two mid-week meetings however are envisaged to be of key importance for the developers. My personal idea is that each developer or team member presents complete set of documentation, functionality on one of the meetings, that is exactly once a week. Members can choose a day so that meetings are being interesting showcases taking reasonable amount of time. The rub is that people don’t talk about what they’ve done and what they’re working it. They’re asked to present the results of their work.

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