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Minefields of dishonesty

What do you do about games being played by exactly the ones which take babblers at senior levels who will re-org teams, most likely becoming team leaders? I can understand why people surround themselves with ones, who they can outplay in case of emergency, but for god’s sake do you really have to say strongly “no” to me, when we both know for a fact that the answer is yes? I’m not sure if hearing how-it-should-be stories instead is the way for me to appreciate people sitting stiff and quiet, but occasionally it makes me a little bit angry by watching players who think no-one sees them re-shuffling their cards ahead of the game, pretending innocence and looking into eyes while saying that they’re not playing. The very fact I’m participating and looking into your eyes is a bit of a giveaway that I already know the answer. I wouldn’t be asking you an honest question if I didn’t count on an honest reply and by counting I don’t mean being just hopeful or just taking your word for it. Admittedly there is a little bit of pleasure in me luring you into the minefield of questions to which the correct answers I already know, but please, at least once instead of me telling what will / won’t happen, it is yes / no, because I’m watching you stepping onto those mines and the reality will uncover correct answers anyway as it always ultimately calls the shots. We might just as well act with a little bit of honesty without spectacles. In fact, there’s nothing more damaging than having someone catching your mouth on misrepresenting on withholding facts. It pushes people aside. Personally, it makes me even being sympathetic with the babblers, whichever is worse I don’t know. More importantly that builds distrust and distances people, making us all less productive as we spent more and more time on checking the facts underpinning even simplest of our actions. In business we could all trust each other more and live up to the very word of Honesty. We should.

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