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It’s inspiring to see modern management manuvering between well understood bread and butter of prioritising efforts and the managing technical complexities which have been made so pervasive by invading and dominating business models of all sizes of enterprises throughout the world. Large part of IT engineering still happens to be a black box part of the business now. Situation has improved dramatically since what I remember from the early 90s and remains less severe in Western Europe now and then. Business involvement in understanding and managing IT however remains somewhat low. There are still many, many opportunities in managing corporate operations and bringing them in line with available IT capabilities. There. are also many, many opportunities in managing IT resources better as low business involvement in that area means that it remains undermanaged, underperforming. Opportunities in managing IT transpire through number of failed projects, missed requirements and total number of wasted resources, surfacing in far too many projects being delivered late or over budget. This is the perfect time for a new generation, not strictly IT management as we’re used to, but converged management which will grasp both the business as well as the technical side of delivering results. It is the high time for all engineers to stop waiting for the long awaited next generation of managers who would get educated or otherwise learn the engineering specifics of managing the computer systems and information management. It is the high time for us engineers to prove that we can jump across the fence sooner and more confidently find ourselves on the side of understanding both the clients, the people, processes and the systems, fulfilling the gap which no longer can remain void.

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