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Getting things done sometimes means asking, nagging and pushing things with absolute determination. I can see quite easily when I’m reaching the point at which there’s no way to move for an individual apart of misleading or keeping pretending that he’s either/or competent or willing to do her/his job. Not later than few days ago I’ve read similar story about fresh London’s entrepreneur facing same challenges when chasing his web designer. The most common defense reactions against doing agreed work I’ve personally heard this week however are as follows:

Common jokes like pretending to be busy, ie. I can’t speak to you right now, but maybe next year, or: oh well, it’s just so expensive to get in touch with you, I think sending you a million e-mails must have been like 1 USD.

pretending to speaking different language (exemplified in ever so popular: – “Have you slept with her?”, re: “-What?”, obviously this wasn’t the exact case this week)

This week’s killer was a text message saying “[receiving text]. Regards XXX.”, obviously keyed in manually to make me think that my phone service just started to be unreliable.

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