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Watching your competitors

If you do stand behind your product you do keep an eye on your competitors. Competitors can inspire, can motivate but also can dissapoint. For the last week or so I’ve been using Wunderlist (for Windows and for the web) just to discover that I’ve already overloaded it with work. The priorities seem to be confused and longer to manage.

The whole solution is just not designed to scale, handle hundreds of entries. I couldn’t put be more plain and simple. Wunderlist might be good for shopping lists and what have you. In fact they’re the indended use as the pre-defined lists would seem to suggest. This is however not a tool for a uber multi-tasking teams by no stretch of imagination.

In the past that irresponsiveness and detrimental performance has pushed me towards desktop solutions. I’ve been passionate user of Lotus Organiser for years (thanks to Microsoft for letting me run 20 year old 16 bit apps on 64 bit Windows 7) but in fact “passionate” is more for the lack of a better word for “desperate”, I guess…

TaskBeat on another hand scales. I mean 300 tasks is still nothing, 3000 in fact is still bearable. The bloody thing just scales with a bit of organisation, categorisation generally putting things in the right baskets. We obviously need to share such a massive list amongs a team of many but that’s exactly our business and I’m glad we have the tool to operate it.

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