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Never be the easiest or the cheapest

Here’s a thought: people give up not because it’s so hard (sometimes it is) but because the reward is not so great (and needs to be better)

Never make it easier to just enter or to stay. Instead up the rewards to make it more desireable. You wont get the best employees for too long because you are the easiest place to work for or compete because you sell the cheapest stuff around.

You attract the best people and the best part of the market by focusing solely on providing the best rewards, providing the best products. Focusing that much on making it easier to enter makes you loose some focus on making attractive to stay.

In fact if you’ve got the package it doesn’t matter how easy or hard it is to handle it. If you’ve got the offer people will go the extra length just to hold on if they’ve got the confidence they’ve got the best of the breed.

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