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Wrong place or a wrong time

No one wants to be in a loosing team (even in a winning company). Here are my top symptoms of being in a wrong place or a wrong time:

The company is loosing cash with no realistic outlook on recovery
The company is loosing clients (either internal or external) via (internal or external) competition:
a) external competitors are increasing market share in the industry the company operates
b) internal competitors are taking over most prominent project by outsourcing
The company is loosing staff or morale is significantly decreasing (as measured)
The company is loosing confidence in developers (and the process becomes heavier)
The company is loosing technology by building increasing burden of things to re-work (technology debt)
The company is loosing time by politicizing and overdoing documentation (bureaucracy)
The company is loosing vision of their offering or just fails to represent it clearly to employees
Tick any of the above two boxes and you’re definitely in the wrong place or wrong time. If you’ve got a great CV and awful lot of experience under your belt you might just last for few years but remember that standing still is really going back.

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