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Two categories of problems

I’ve found that there are only two categories of problems I’ve encountered in life. First type are problems related to lack of (something) and the other are related to abundance of (something).

I still remember clearly how it was when I was short on work, money even when I wasn’t short of ideas what to do with my time. The issues back then revolved around waiting for things: waiting for another client, assignment or money transfer. As stupid as it might sound I still remember times when very few people had a concept of e-mail, so you could “happily” keep on hitting “send/receive” multiple times a day just to find out that there are no e-mails to act upon.

Looking back those were horrible times putting myself in much worse situation than the one I’m dealing with these days. These days are all about abundance, and more importantly are about about choice. Today I’ve got many more meaningful e-mails I can possibly read and still too many requiring my response than I could feasibly reply to. Similarly it seems that I’ve got more people interested in me doing one or another type of work for them (or their clients). Equally it seems I’ve got slightly more money than time to spend on entertaining myself.

All in all my life switched from a mode in which I used to constantly having to hunt opportunities into a mode whereas self restraining is the name of the game. By restraining I mean doing less and choosing more. The more I want to achieve the more frequently I need to say no (to another business, venue, offer, etc). As much as I feel tired and confused with the choice the sheer amount of things to choose from is a bliss.

Abundance is comforting in comparison to having too few choices.

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