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Three things to improve speed of delivery

Again – just three of them but personally selected from many years of my experience. Not a hundred per cent devotee to a ship early, ship frequntly but I think that’s getting close. I think they’re the 3 most important things any software house should be doing to improve speed of delivery of a software product:

1. Get to the details sooner. Developers are tasked with enough detailed
tasks just about at the end of a product line. That’s fine but accept that anything done before is just to explore the issues, ie. when we developers release code and say “done” the first time they’re just having a working prototype, allowing to test and specify the details of actually needs to be done.

2. Ship complete product based on small changes. No release should take weeks or months and consist of hundreds of tasks. If there’s lot to do, split it into releases with just few changes and ship each release making sure it’s a complete working product no matter if all requirements have been satisfied at once.

3. Go out a bit more! Make sure staring at the screen doesn’t hurt as it does sometimes. Asking what our clients want, about what they complain. Knowing the users, the business. Meet more in person with different people within the company should be part of this process as these days developers and “real life” are too far away from each other in many ways.

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