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Observational science

I believe in real science based on experiments, not theories. This is called observational science. That means a science where theories are only worth as much as the experiments they’re based on this. This is less esoteric version of science for the masses if you like, used typically where confounding factors must be known and accounted for. It has a great value for me. Let’s take an example of politicians who force their theories based on economic data, professional publications, but at the same time experience mass emigration from the very country those politicians operate in. Quality of policies are verified by the experiment of people actually voting with their feet. Whethever the policies are invalid, badly communicated or just there’s a failure in the execution it doesn’t matter. What matters is that when people leave the policies are wrong. Similarly with products and their popularity, projects and their delivery, people and their relationships, money or success on any other field.

It always seems impossible until its done

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