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Managerial ever hungry egos

There’s an issue with some of the ill-conceived managers. Naturally any student who wants to be a manager thinks of themselves as a person in a large team, in a big office. Oddly enough this line of thinking might be also represented by some junior managers in the making.

Obviously everyone wants a big and happy team and working environment that is comfortable. This should however be just a vehicle for something else, not the goal itself. Traditionally managers compete with other departments not only on influence but more measurable factors.

Managers typically cover up their real motives behind the team welfare and happiness of the workplace. Sure, having a nice and comfortable office, more hands on the deck than needed in normal times helps building team morale but only if team has a larger objective to hit rather than its own happiness.

In fact ever present pressure on increasing office space and head counts often times has nothing to do with larger objectives (like innovation, or productivity) but instead only feeds the managerial ever hungry egos.

That’s why some managers will ultimately drive for ever growing office spaces and ever growing head counts as their primary focus, involving in office politics and internal corporate wars, every time neglecting what really matters.

Indefinite grow of office size and head counts obviously hits the bottom line but also damages company’s agility and ability to iterate on products quickly. Can even lead to a break-up of teams into project teams and disintegration of products.

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