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It’s not political. It’s economics.

“There is a level of despair out there. We have got to have a government that speaks to the whole community, not just the layer at the top.” – T.May, Home Secretary, UK.

The recent wave of criminality in London is in fact just a reaction to despair It’s only the British white of Theresa May’s type who should take full accountability for the recent wave of riots across London. British have years history of accepting anyone in any numbers coming to this country and just vaguely asking themselves how many of the newcomers can be accomodated, effectively employed or even educated.

It’s the majority eligible to vote who invented council houses and invited newcomers to the scheme even though they often haven’t contributed to the economy to make the scheme sustainable in the first place and many of them remained in the country raising their whole families in the mindset of taking.

When it comes to the economy, a dense net of benefits were implemented over decades and stretched to even to cover people without a basic understanding of what skills are required to do any sort of work with no one left without a penny if they failed to earn one.

Then in turn when it comes to education itself nothing has been done to address those who haven’t fully appreciated its role and value in modern society, never wanted any or even rejected it entirely.

It all appears like if white majority has been kicking can down the road with problems being passed through generations of deprived families. Riots are not culturally typical, they are typical underclass. As long as endless stream of money was poured at less privileged at the rate matching growth of the problem everything remained stable.

Now with the economic outlook changing so rapidly, government having to reduce spending, benefits being reduced and local council butgets being cut no further growth in welfare state is feasable with some of the money being taken away.

That economic change introduced unstable environment for those affected. No wonder that if by taking all that away young people feel panicky, even though they don’t identify lack of perspectives with political options and react so nervously.

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