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How to Run a One-Person Business

As a one-person show, that might prove to be especially difficult. More than one-third of sole proprietors said that their biggest challenge is finding the time and resources to generate new business, according to a recent survey conducted by Visa USA and SCORE, a nonprofit group that counsels entrepreneurs.

Wish I had inc.com on my side ten years ago. It seems like all that valuable stuff would come handy, even if it worked just as a tap on a shoulder, it would be so re-assuring. It felt lonely back then and indeed running your own business completely alone is not only an extreme version of marathon, it’s actually a cheese chasing downhill free-fall. Actually after number of years (and years way back) I realised that running it solo was a mistake in the first place. Just never got around rectifying it properly… How to Run a One-Person Business? Unless you’re some sort of a mortgage adviser, but if you’re even an accountant… No, never, ever run it alone.

Put a dollar figure on your time — and any task that you can outsource for less, do it

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