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Developers need cream of the crop hardware

Developers should be provided with the best hardware and software they might require. It’s amazingly underestimated part of creating productive environment for developers.

Companies make far too much effort to ensure consistency in a space of hardware specification being mislead by missed concept of both the developers and end-users using the same hardware to ensure software being pushed through the door doesn’t impose to great requirements. I believe that software requirements are part of the performance testing, hence shouldn’t be an ongoing process performed on developer’s machine and having some knowledge of many development environments, I know for sure that they impose greater requirements on developers machine, so even if performance was to be tested with each build, it wouldn’t be feasible to produce measurable results on a box being occupied by all the tools that come with any modern IDE.

Instead, developers should be provided with the hardware and software they’re delighted to use. Sounds like a luxury, but in fact just providing a decent screen surface and peripherals matching individual preferences is essential. Bear in mind, to become a developer, one must really like sitting in front of their setup for really long hours. Working environment consists not only of a quiet office with a comfy chair, but the whole lot ranging from the tone of the desk phone, through mouse cord (or lack of it), to the colour of desktop background. Hardware matching developer’s preference enhances not only the pleasure of creating innovative products during long office hours, but also might be the cheapest way of enhancing one’s work satisfaction and reflect on his/hers productivity.

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